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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I talked with a friend last is so hard to keep in touch with the people you love. Don't you think? She told me she was reading my blog; and I thought, "How COOL!" She is keeping up with what I am doing even if I do not know it. It made me happy that I could 'keep in touch' without worrying that I am a bad friend.


Another friend was talking about online shopping addictions, she just gave me another one. Can you believe there is a website devoted entirely to home-made/custom clothing and recycling? I am in real trouble because it has tons of cute stuff. (and who can beat a custom skirt made just for you for $35?) Check out ETSY if you dare!

Don't tell Terry I already bought THREE things. ;)

I colored my hair the other day, just darker blonde do not get undies bunched up kids! So after I did that I decided to get my hair cut. I am off to see the SIL this afternoon to get that accomplished. Promised her a white chocolate mocha from Caribou for her tip! Well, she will probably get cash too... :)

My new boss flies in on Thursday, my daycare provider flies out on Wednesday! It should be interesting with Boo Boo la la being watched by daddy dave the rest of the week! I hope I get some sleep! And not too many calories from going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner while my boss is here!

OH! I got the smak-down from some lady on my Hi-5 blog! She thinks I am stating 'fact' when I posted my 'opinion' about the show Hip-Hop Harry being creepy. Tell me what you think!

--notice the court appointed supervision in the background ;)

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