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Monday, August 17, 2015

I took a minute to take Boo boo la la puddle jumping.  And as we rounded the corner at the end of our romp she said,

I feel brighter from the Earth.

I looked at her and noticed how the sunset through the clearing rain clouds was making everything look like it had a glow.   I told Boo boo that it looked golden and she said,

I feel golden!

Please Sir, (Come Undone) I would like S'more! - August 10th

Monday, August 10, 2015

I will need to have some Heshey Chocolate later - enjoy this:

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Monday, July 27, 2015

I have a belief that my dear Boo Boo La La is, at her core, permafrost.

I will list the evidence:

1. She was born in January.
2. This morning I asked her to put on the preselected shirt and shorts at 7:16 am.
3. At 7:23 am she was only partially undressed and took a potty break.
4. At 7:28 am when I went downstairs, she was still getting dressed. 


It is the only explanation for her glacial pace.

#ThowbackThursday works for Blogs too, right? #TBT

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I saw this picture and it made me think of Boo Boo!

So you get this old blog post from March 6, 2010 when I was still a fledgling blogger.


Thing one:  I had been noticing a lot of url's that matched the names of the blog vs. .blogspot.com and asked my favorite St. Paul/Chef/Wild Woman blogger Mrs. VonPartypants if she felt this was worth the $10 to GoDaddy.com.  Her final comment in her reply was, "I say go for it- it's only $10 and then at least no one else can have it."


I took my url .wordpress.com too, just in case!  And BTW if you like bloggers who dress up, talk about poop, animals, general drunkeness, food and mayhem (not necessarily in that order) and if you are impressed that you can GOOGLE "f***ing awesome chocolate chip cookies" and get the top results linking you back to HER...follow her blog please!

and the cookies?  f***ing awesome!

SO If you have a spare moment and can change the URL that guides you to me it is now...

http://www.mommysnest.com/  Go ahead, I will wait...

That was easy, right?  If you don't do it blogger will still get you here from the old url, they promised!

Thing two:  I had not written a funny story about Boo Boo La La lately...the whole point of this blog is to embarass her when she is twelve...so I am promising now to have some sort of fun story about Boo Boo La La from the recent (or not so recent) past to share each Saturday.  This will be easier since I won't have school anymore starting March 19!
Yeah Mommy will graduate with honors!  Whoo Hooo!

I have a pretty good one today.  If you like fart stories that is....you don't?  Well, you have not been here for the poop stories then, huh?

I remember it like it was Thursday morning, because it was Thursday morning.  Boo Boo and I were ready to leave and I went around the house ensuring lights were off and no dangerous articles were left burning somewhere.  I got back to where Boo Boo was in the dining room and she was leaning against the table and making funny faces...upon seeing me she said,

My butt itches, so I am trying to fart.

Hmm-mmm, farting makes it stop itching?

YES MAMA, you know THAT!  (more faces and butt sticking out)  I can't fart and my butt itches!

Maybe you will fart in the car like Daddy, come on let's go.

Okay, that might work....

Ahhh, yes.  Imagine the joy of a pre-teen Boo Boo when she hears she tried to learn to fart on command to releive butt itchiness.

I would say my work is done here for today.  Have a farty-party weekend!

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Candy and The Cankersaur - #Review

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I love to read.

I love to find fun stories for my daughter.

I love local.

So, a local artist and author contacted me about reading "Candy and The Cankersaur" with my daughter, Boo Boo La La.

This book is illustrated with fun characters especially 'Cank' the new pet of our heroine Candy.

She teaches him rules and how to be a nice dinosaur - but then...he is gone!

Where, or more importantly HOW, did Cank get lost? 

My daughter loved the plot of this book and has read it several times since we received our advance copy.  The illustrations are bright and fanciful.  I hope you enjoy it as well - or any of the other books by Mr. Sandberg. 

You can check out his website here - http://www.jasonsandberg.com/ebooks.htm

These books are also available on Amazon, iTunes and Nook.

I think "Baby Julia Feeds The Moon" sounds like our next good read.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Isn't it strange how things remind you of people or places?

Songs will remind me of T-Bone, Boo Boo, my Brother - Dad and "Boot are Made for Walking". The weirdest being The Psychedelic Furs song that reminds me of my mom. That is a short story with no point, so #random.

It is all so strange how your mind goes - zing!

Like this:

It reminds me of summers with my Grandpa - getting paid ten cents a moth.

Or this:

Brings back memories of the 90's and Katie and Phil's wedding.

Great Grandma Studer.

And when I have a glass of white wine and crave these -

I cannot help but think of my sisters and our place - Foul Play.

Foul Play is long gone.  We are not.

In fact one of us returns from Atlanta tonight!  So we will gather, reminisce, and random memories will appear in a flash! While we enjoy good friends, the Minneapolis skyline and the zillion things that make us...us. 

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Dear Fancy Online Stores,

Monday, July 13, 2015

I love to get fun pieces - at a discount.

I scour the web for the days that stores discount their clearance further.

It has to be PRETTY special deal for me to pounce.  Like this scarf I get all the compliments on...


Shipping fees.

Really? Shipping fees?

Yes.  They are ridiculous unless you spend $175 or $200 (I don't) and on some websites go up with the value of your order.  Let that sink in - the shipping fee can INCREASE based on the dollar amount you order!!!!  Wha????  Oh yeah, the deal at those sites has to be freaking awesome, or they have a free shipping code out, for me to buy from them.

I found that some websites will give me free shipping because of my American Express and recently if you used that Visa Checkout and a couple of sites, but still - NOT everyone.

I am looking at YOU Anthropologie!!!

But a girl can wrap herself in her pretty scarf and dream.

Hairy Issues

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I dread the morning.

Not so much the morning itself. but the time we finally have to get dressed and ready.

The hair-raising hair brushing time.

My poor baby Boo boo La la got my fine follicles. The kind that tangle when a butterfly flits past.

I used to have to brush it. Now that she's older it is a job I leave in her own little hands. And there maybe are no more  breathless sobs, 'You're ki-ling--me-I-can-not-breathe-ah!' , but it still sucks.

She's tried countless brushes. sprays,detangling poos and rinses. None of them 'work' forever. She eventually stares into the mirror saying how she hates this or that.  And her hair.

She has beautiful hair.

This morning, it was the worst. She told me that people say that her hair feels fake (?) and that recently a lady had asked her if she '...ever brushed her hair.'

Could people be more rude?

Don't answer that.

I told her that she should ignore them. They are rude and CRAZY. But, I know that it can hurt.

Just like the brushing.

Rise to the Challenge

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yesterday I went to a funeral for someone I admired very much. She was an inspiration to all who knew her - warm, calming, vibrant.

The kind of person who glowed from within and made everyone feel special.

I miss her very much, as all of those who knew her do.

I was lucky enough to have a dear friend I had not seen in months join me, sit by me, as I felt my part of the grief. I knew I would know people there, but I reached out to Heather because I just didn't want to sit there and cry to myself - and because well, Heather.

And the fact our friend had died.

Debbie, our friend, was someone I had lost personal touch with since I didn't work downtown any longer.

We used to be part of an AOPi Alum lunch-bunch. I totally looked forward to those lunches because I met some pretty great women at them, most of all Debbie. I keep hearing her laugh, seeing her smile and recalling how she GUSHED over my Boo Boo La La when I brought her to our lunch over maternity leave. "Lisa - she is so BEAUTIFUL!  Look how everyone is captivated by her!" as we walked through the skyway.

Sure, I kept up on Facebook - but I had not seen her in a while so I was pretty shocked that the cancer she had found all those years ago had taken it's final toll on her bright spirit.

As I stood there listening to her nieces and nephews, brother, friends and the minister I felt her there.

I know she was there - with her Father.

She issued a challenge.

I felt it in my bones.

What do you think? Wait, wait. I don't care - I love it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I got the new blog installed.

I am moving in and taking stock and pushing around the furniture.

Hope you enjoy it!  - Even have that FANCY thing over there ---->

It tells you which of my old posts were "Popular" around here.

...and I had no idea I was popular at all!

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