Boo Boo and The Zoo

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Last week Boo Boo La La let me take her to the Minnesota Zoo. She said she had really been wanting to go! We picked a day. Dropped our puppy-dawg at daycare. Got Starbucks and our tickets online. Away we go! She even let me take two pictures.
The best part was the talking. We talked about memories of different parts of the zoo, I told her about taking her older siblings, she told me about zoo camp. And other random things you talk about when you take your daughter to the zoo when she is almost eighteen. Next week, lunch!!

Who am I?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

I wonder sometimes what people think of me. 

Work people especially since I can't see any of them very often. I am home alone - a voice on the phone or a face on a Teams call. 

And I can't stop thinking about it lately because hubby is sleeping on the couch because he had surgery and has been in Houston since Thursday. 

So, I can't sleep and that means loops of thought. 

What do you think?

Why didn't I un-Friend you first?

Thursday, April 7, 2022

There is a woman I used to know. I have not spoken to her in years. Every time I spoke to her it was drama. She called or texted me to share some perceived slight or wrong-doing by others to her. It was 


So I was ignoring her. 

About a month or so ago? She texted me asking if I knew some stupid piece of information about her and her spouse. 

I did not. 

Then she kept texting me saying it was IMPORTANT if I knew to tell her because she now knows this "friend" of ours has been lying about her and others (only one person on her list I knew, the others I never even heard of...) and she is no longer friends with said "friend".

I told her I didn't know anything about it, and to kindly leave me out of her drama. 


Fast forward. 

She apparently then went digging - the puddle of friends we share is about six people, some of whom I have not seen in years either. So digging or making shit up in her mind, whichever. 

She texted me that she "heard" I have been lying about her for YEARS and that she is now un-Friending me on Facebook since apparently, I am not her friend. 

(Which, really, I am not. She is someone I used to know.) 

Whuck? The only time her name has been in my mouth has been to say I have not spoken to her in years. 

But now I wish I had un-Friended her one of the times I have thought about it since the last time we spoke. (The FUNNIER part is that she remains friends on Facebook with my husband. lol) 

The end. 


Monday, April 4, 2022

This is what my blog has come to: 

Comments from bots directing folks to online casinos.

I wonder if I start actually blogging again if they will multiply - or fade away? 

Nobody Blogs Anymore

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It seems like nobody blogs anymore. I click on people who commented on my old blog posts and nope.

No posts for years and years. Except one who posted in June 2021 - about her husband needing some life-changing surgery, and then no update.

I hope he came through it okay. 

I liked reading her blog.

She was funny and sensible, which is a good combination in a human if you can find it. 

I thought I would say hello out into the blogger-verse because my domain is renewing and all. The $10 I spend to keep this domain alive seems silly. 

Especially when the only thing happening on my blog are comments on old posts to go to some or other online casino. 

Can you redirect your domain to something new? Will I lose all my old posts if I want to change my domain? 

These are the thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Yesterday I was driving and I asked Siri to make a call for me.  Having just switched over to an iPhone in May, after only having a Blackberry (only one, my first phone) and Samsung phones since I have had a cell phone -  I was not used to the response.  

I said, "Hey Siri, call Athleta Customer Service" to which I expected it to pull the 800 number - and I got a list of local Athleta locations instead!?!?!? 

Like Siri, you are totally useless.

Even my Google Home knows to pull up this number.

Can someone who else has gone from Samsung to Apple, or vice versa, please explain to the rest of the idiots out there that an iPhone is NOT superior in.any.way? Any of my Samsung Galaxy phones run circles around my iPhone 12 Pro. CIRCLES. It is an electronic brick. 

I have this phone for one reason only - Find My.  I had a very scary phone phishing experience and do not want to repeat it so I track my kid. She hates it, but too f'ing bad. 

So Samsung, if you are listening, get a service that is free like Find My on your device that can track an iPhone and I will be back faster than you can say, "Hey Siri, you are useless." to which Siri replies "That's not nice." but too bad you really suck. 

If it looks like this...

Monday, November 8, 2021

If the cycling studio you attend looks like this -> 

They don't care about teaching cycling. Cycling is an afterthought driven by using open space to generate revenue. Those bikes are trash and there isn't much way for you to know if you are in the right gear to get stronger, no matter how dedicated the instructors.

If the cycling studio you attend looks like this below: 

Congratulations! You have found a real cycling studio with quality bikes and instructors who will know just how to get you stronger. 


Monday, November 2, 2020

This is a picture that I was so proud to take. My daughter went with me to vote for the first woman to be President of the United States. We bought a cool t-shirt and a button at the Fair even that summer. 

I was sure of it. 
I felt it in my bones.

I had no clue that people hated her quite that much. Or hated that she 'let her husband get away with, xyz'. Or that EMAILS! 

I was kind of crushed.

Boo Boo would not go with me to vote in the next election. She was crushed too. 

Now she takes to Instagram and posts about anti-bullying, being kind, and taking care of others. Protests - #sayhername #blacklivesmatter #Beruit - She knows what is going on and asks me questions.

Mom, do you know who Kamala Harris is? 
Do you know why Joe Biden picked her to be his running mate? 
Did you and Daddy vote yet? 

It all is starting to feel familiar though. And with the #45 Parade down our Lilac Way this past weekend, I am anxious, to say the least. 

Not to mention all the vitriol on posts by our Governor. I can honestly say, I would be afraid to be in front of some of these people. 
How did Minnesota get like this? 
The white supremacy seeping out from the "nice". 

I will remain positive, but a little anxious, until this is all over. 
Maybe by Christmas. 

Just please, no Jason Lewis. 

I was driving when this a****** decided that he's going to practically stop in a 45 mph zone.

Friday, July 3, 2020

In our town, there is a three-lane road where at one point, before it gets downtown, one of the lanes becomes an exit only.

This morning when I was driving my child to soccer a gentleman decided that he wanted to jockey for position to move over into the crowded exit only lane and not care that he was blocking the entire center lane of this three-lane highway. (He had plenty of opportunities to merge into the lane, he NEEDED to be first in line)

I honked at him, then as I passed he looked at me like, "What is your problem?" 

I'll tell you what my problem is loser - My PROBLEM is white dudes like you who think that you can jockey for position wherever you are regardless of everyone else. YOUR NEED TO BE FIRST NO MATTER THE COST. 

You are an entitled lump of crap and you are blocking the way of everyone else!! 

Get out of EVERYONE's WAY!!! 

that's my problem

Something Scary Comes This Twitter....

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

This morning I was checking Twitter Notifications and I saw that someone "liked" one of my tweets.

I could not even think when that Tweet was from, a PINK Chevy Tahoe?

So I clicked and found it was from 2010...

What kind of time do you have on your hands that you can literally find a random tweet, from a random person, and take the time to not only like, but reply? Bot? Or Not?

Enjoy peeps!

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