Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We have it pretty good, don't we?

Yesterday morning I was pissed off.

I was pissed off and tearing up all day.

I was mad about a lot of things and was wishing things were better.

Then, I realized how lucky I had been yesterday and today this morning.

Something was wrong with my car. >-<

Something was wrong with my car, but I am lucky enough to have a husband who uses a work van - so each day there is an alternative vehicle I can take to get my daughter to daycare and myself to work.

How lucky am I?

I have a working washing machine to clean my daughter's gymnastics leotard so that she can go to the class we can afford to pay for....even if I forget to wash it until the morning of gymnastics.

How lucky am I?

My family is healthy and all have jobs and a warm home to live in.

How lucky are we?

I have a fantastic group of ladies and gentlemen who attend the meetings for our Parent Teacher Organization at my child's school.  Involvement goes up every year.

How lucky are all of us?

I have friends who take me out and laugh (at me and with me) Cookie exchanges, beers, wine, fun, random card games, tears.

How lucky am I?

I got flowers and cards in the mail at work today because some of the people I work with really appreciate what I do.

That sure is lucky.

I should think about this every day.  My problems are typically First World problems.

Woah is me.  Gloom, despair, agony.

My latte got cold. I got cut off in traffic. Someone forgot to EMAIL ME THAT CONTRACT!

None of it is really that important.

But you are important to me.  So in this season I say to you.

We have it pretty good, don't we?

Happy Holidays,


Friday, December 5, 2014

Sentimental Journey

Some days you see things and you wonder... Where did that little girl go?

Today I saw video from Boo Boo's VERY FIRST SOCCER PRACTICE EVER!


Where did that little sweet girl go?

She is still sweet.

But, she is no longer little.

She Plays REAL Soccer!
And then this video popped up!

Apparently this kid has ALWAYS like Freddie Mercury.

Funny how that works out.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We are creative!

My Mom and I went to a glass class a few weeks ago.  I thought we were creative and crafty.


Glass stuff is hard and uses scary torches.

That doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for creativity!  I love taking classes OR just letting Boo Boo La La play.

Like today.

She decorated and decorated with us all day. Christmas, we are ready!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Memories of November 6, 2008

Scene revisited: a bright morning in a small suburb of Minneapolis, mild weather for November 4, 2008, the crowd is lined up in a parking lot waiting for the doors to open - it is just before 7 am. 

Mommy is holding her purse, her child's water bottle, her diet coke, a blankie and the child is absently munching on apple slices from a small ziploc bag. As we zoom in on the small child's cherubic face she begins to speak:

Child: Mommy, why are we standing outside church?
Mommy: So Mommy can go vote.
Child: Boat? Can I boat? I like swim in the lake!

*appropriate giggles from the crowd*

End Scene

*photo courtesy of Faux Martha's July post of our camping trip.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Lost and Found

I like to go bare foot.

One of my first jobs I loved involved standing on a beach.  

No shoes, no socks, no problem.

There comes a day in each year as the leaves begin to flame red, orange and purple, that it becomes inappropriate for me to wear my thong-type sandals to work so that I can kick them under the desk if I so desire. That day this year? Yesterday.

I woke up and the weather report on my favorite station showed a temperature that was not to my liking - I was going to wear comfy pants that were "skinny" style and knee-hi socks would be a comfort challenge. I knew I needed socks as I also wanted to wear my red clogs - despite the fact I love bare feet (feeted?) I hate to be chilly! Unfortunately for me - my sock drawer is mostly knee-hi's and footie socks used with my sneakers.

I opened the drawer not expecting much...I pulled out pair after pair after pair. Then...

There they were.  A pair in a color that worked, that would not show my ankles and would not go up past my lower calf.  But, huh?

I do not recognize these socks at all.

Did I buy them?

Not that I recall.

Did the sock fairy bring them?

No, that is stupid. There is no sock fairy. Right?

Wait a minute.

I lose about 6.873 socks per month to the laundry...


Are these yours?  And if they are, can I keep them?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I love my husband. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Still Relaxing. Come again later.

The people I vacation with make constant poo and fart jokes.


'No that was a torPOOdo!'

But I have time to read, drink my latte...or wine. And I don't go to work until tomorrow.

Come again later.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Loving my new old lady cheaters! Thank you Firmoo!

Do you have a little piece of paper with your RX from your last checkup at your Optometrist?

Do you have someone to help you measure your pupil distance and a ruler that can measure in millimeters?

Can you get to Firmoo.com?

Than you too can get a cute pair of glasses like these

They were super simple to order and arrived really fast - I ordered them July 12 and they arrived by July 19 - and came with a nice cleaning cloth and hard carrying case.  <- THAT super important as I use the glasses only for reading and they get thrown into whatever bag I am taking that day. 

Also, you can upload a picture of yourself to see how they will look.  
Or use the face shapes already there on the website.

I think these were a fun choice.

And right now they have a program available where your first pair of frames are free - so you can check them out at low risk.

And I want to thank Firmoo for giving me the pair in this post so I could tell you all about their service.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Agree to disagree - My argument for why every child should learn to swim above all else.

My child didn't really learn how to ride her bike until this summer, age 8.

Even with training wheels until this summer she was not comfortable.  She hated the tippy feeling.
Did I push her?
No, not really. I knew in good time she would "get it" and it didn't bother her that other kids were not using training wheels. She preferred her scooter anyway.

But - if she had not liked to swim. I would have been relentless in my getting her adjusted to the water.


1) We live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and lots of pools.
2) In Minnesota everyone knows someone who has a BOAT, Pool, or lives on a lake.
Need I elaborate?

I was on swim team from the time I was 11 or 12 - and I was a lifeguard, taught swim lessons for years, and coached a swim team. My GRANDFATHER was a lifeguard people...in the 1930's!

There is nothing sadder to me than someone who is afraid of the water. Yes, you need to be smart and know your limits, but afraid - and can't swim? Not an good combination.  And not in my family!


 Our summer is spent at a resort with several pools.
We have a hot tub on our deck.
Did I mention we also boat on our vacation?

Friends and relatives have pools and invite us over...

and its fun to go and be able to play!

Friends have boats

Friends take us tubing on their boats

Friends live on lakes - and ask us to join the fun!

 Even paddleboating...

Friends have winter birthday parties at fun pools with rope swings and slides. 
And we want to go and have FUN!

It never ceases to amaze me the number of children my child knows who can't swim. 

Boo Boo La La could swim from the summer she was four.  Obviously she wears a life jacket when called for - she is never allowed to swim without adult supervision - but!! she passed her first deep water test the winter she turned five. 

And now that she is eight, it really breaks my heart when we invite a friend to go to the pool and when we pick that friend up the mother asks if their child can use a lifejacket, because "they can't really swim".  

Other years I got it.  

Your kid is five or six or whatever, but YOUR CHILD IS EIGHT and going into third grade and we invited you to a POOL where most of the activity requires your child to be able to swim.  

And no, they don't allow you in the deep end there with a life jacket. 

I realize not all adults are exactly great swimmers or love the water.  But it is my plea that you get over it already. Get your child in swim lessons - get YOURSELF in swim lessons.  My dad took swim lessons when he was in his 40's because he got tired of watching me in swim meets knowing he wasn't the best swimmer!  

A whole WORLD of places to go and be will open up to you if you take a chance. 

And if you GIVE your child the chance. 

And you won't cause mother's who's children can swim to groan. 

Thankfully - my child has been told, and is very polite now, that if a friend can't swim she stays with them in the area of the pool where the friend is comfortable. 

If I weren't so fired up about it, we would both be good. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My response to all the Hub-Bub. You are too casual - EVERYWHERE!

There is a lot of noise about a restaurant chain implementing a dress code and it being racist.

News flash - if you dress like they say NOT to dress you are TOO CASUAL to be out at a WINE BAR and Restaurant. Stay home, order Domino's and crack open the T-box.

In fact, implement that dress code in the workplace please.  I am sick and tired of people in hoodies and college t-shirts and sweatpants in the office.  I don't care if we don't see customers - I HAVE TO LOOK AT YOU!

I am NOT joking here people.  You need to dress BETTER.

Not spend a fortune, just wear something nice please.

And just so you don't think this is some new soapbox from me - here is my rant on the same from August of 2009


My good friend Amy came into town from Orlando, Florida for just a few days - we planned ahead and she could make time to meet me for dinner. I love to meet her anywhere when she comes to town, she always brings good treats from Florida. This time it was coconut-orange marmalade, but I love her even without the cute treat!!! Besides, this time she lost her deodorant so I brought her a fresh one from my bathroom stash; don't laugh I stock up on EVERYTHING.
But, the point here is that we met at Stella's Fish Cafe in uptown - nice views and excellent seafood in the heart of Uptown.

I saw a group of young girls, early twenties I think, and they were dressed nicely - except one girl who was seriously dressed like this: I mentioned to my dining companions - all wearing nice dress/skirt/sandals and tasteful jewelry -- that I think we are WAY TOO CASUAL these days and they heartily agreed. Amy said she would hardly EVER wear the dress she had on in Florida, which was cute BTW and in a pic on my Facebook, because NO ONE dresses up there.

I bemoaned the fact I can hardly EVER get my stepdaughter to wear anything but jeans, t-shirt and the most GINORMOUS college/high school sweatshirts. I used to DRESS UP for school and would only wear such a combo if it were cold and I had morning swim practice - and even then RARELY! (p.s. she now dresses up for work as a tax accountant! yeah! - 2014 ML)

Our other companion Cassie said - and she works at the airport as a flight attendant - "Just think of the crap and pj's people wear on planes these days."

Which led me to yesterday. I mean if you are getting a big job opportunity, you should DRESS the part like this classy gentleman.

NOT this itinerant sharecropper who looks like they plucked him out of the fields.

COME ON! With $12M you could not find a clean hat at least?
So I leave you with this video of people who look good no matter what they wear, and GM is forgiven jeans because he is a pop star- or was at the time. Enjoy the view. 
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