Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Tenth-aversary YouTube & 91 Month-aversary to Mommy's Nest!

I posted my first video on YouTube on November 7, 2006.  I did it so I could email it to friends and family.

It went like this:

Fun - Huh? No?

Well, I got more adventurous.

See?  From November 2007 - we can now rake!

And then in November 2008 we learned to Vote - not Boat!

And in March of 2011 We shook it like we just didn't care who was watching at the MN Zoo!

And now - Boo Boo even has her very OWN YouTube Channel with gems like this one with Gma.

What I learned from Ten Years of YouTube?  It's fun to look back at how silly we can be...

And YOU? (Tube?)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Cheap Meals

I got an email from a grocery store saying:

Enjoy a delicious dinner for under $5 with our 3 Day Sale!

I thought that was pretty cool that they were sending an email to help me out with a "delicious" meal for my family.

After I opened it and saw:

Frozen Pizza
A lame bag of iceburg lettuce mix

I was pissed off. 

You see my thought was that "delicious" would also mean something healthy - and definitely NOT frozen pizza. 

I cannot tell you the number of times I have checked out at this same store and seen what other people buy - and what I buy - and thought to myself, "You bought crap & ramen and I STILL SPENT LESS AND GOT MORE!" 

Not that I hate ramen, but to all those people. 

You're doing it wrong. 

You see when I go to the store I spend time looking at the ad, looking at coupons online, checking the store website and getting texts and emails for further deals, THEN I make my list of the items my family will eat that I can get for a better price.  Always keeping in mind the need for fruit and vegetables, and healthy protein.

In fact, the night before I received the email from this store I had visited it to get some pork chops for our dinner.  I was going "off book" for how I cook and getting something thawed instead of using what I had, had been a rough day.

To my delight pork chops (really NICE bone-in loin chops) were on sale for $1.99/lb.

Why would this store not email me something like this:

Enjoy a delicious dinner for under $10 for your family of SIX with our 3 Day Sale!

Let's do the math: I got six thick bone-in chops for $6.23, I could add the lame 88 cent salad and some herb rice mix (Knorr pasta sides are usually a buck, let's say we use 2) and I would have spent $9.11 to feed the four adults and one child in my family - and how we eat there were TWO chops left over.

Hello lunch for me today with leftover potatoes and veggies from another meal.  

EVEN if I broke down and used a $2.50 bag of frozen or fresh veggies I would have been at $10.73.

Basically what I am trying to say is this:

Every week there are sales on some fruit or veggie - BUY THAT.

Every week there are sales on proteins - BUY THOSE.

Every week there are healthier choices of convenient foods - or buy some rice and dried pasta on sale and add your own can of tomatoes - often ON SALE.

Let me give you an example: I bought two huge cans of enchilada sauce when it was on sale for $1.50 and I had a coupon for $1 off two - plus 5% cartwheel and 5% Target RedCard discount. They ended up at 85 cents each for me and I can use them to make enchiladas OR dump over onions and a roast for a TRULY delicious meal for my family at some later date.  These cans of sauce are normally over two dollars each.

I am not against foods that make life easier. We eat frozen pizza on occasion (I got a NICE one for $1.99 from a text, White Chicken!) but as the place people look to for value and nutrition for their family why wouldn't grocery stores highlight deals on easy HEALTHY food for their customers that cost LESS?

Stores?  Cub, Target, Byerly's??? Anyone?

Or maybe I just start grocery shopping for others for a living.

It could happen.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mascara - I found a great one! Or should I say - Sensational!

I have VERY light eyelashes.

VERY LIGHT - I cannot leave my house without mascara on or people think I am sick.

I found this "They're REAL!" mascara that was awesome, but super expensive IMHO.

So I have been trying every drugstore kind that calls itself something representing

Fluffy, Thick or LONG Beautiful Lashes...

To no avail.

Until I found this at Target.

The one that looked the LEAST promising to me up front was the best. 


Lashes for days on the right eye - nada on the left...

And wonderous wonder of all wonderment - it lasted ALL DAY, which on me like, never happens.

So if you like that other spend-y brand - go ahead and give this a try for about $6.

You're Welcome.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Reminds me of someone...

I wrote about my grandmother a lot.

She was pretty cool - What with teaching me how to "brew tea" and all. 

She has been gone from this world over three years now.  I know as she passed away before I started my job here.  At the time I was laid off and not working, so I was able to visit her and be there for her funeral.  

Sometimes things are a blessing. 

And this morning I was thinking, Boo Boo is about like my Grandma.  

Pretty independent, creative, and loves a tiara. 

Actually my Grandmother's Tiara on Boo - she inherited it. 

Grandma would have appreciated the polymer clay class Boo Boo and I took yesterday.  

She has her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother's eye for color this one....

Kind of a pointless post - but for me there is a reason.

I need to remember all the fun we have when we do things like yesterday.

It is not hard to go to the store, get some clay, and do this at home too.  In fact I found out at the class that this stuff is less than $3 a pack....and you don't need very much of it.

I have promised her we will do this craft over the weekend of Spring Break.

And now you know too.

Send me YouTube videos of polymer clay crafts if you know of any!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015


In super high tech fashion.....ha ha ha.
I put names in a bowl and Boo Boo La La fished one out in the presence of two adults.

Winner - 

The Elk River Mommy, Who is looking for new dining room curtains.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Lush Decor - You want some, you really want some now.

I love decorating.

I have been known to track down items by calling around to stores in other states.

I stalked a boutique up North for a painting I wanted.

I hounded my hubby to paint the walls of our living room and dining room the exact color of blue-grey I wanted and searched for months to find just the right red curtains for my living and dining room. Both inspired by the sofas I already owned and a pillow cover I bought years ago and kept in the plastic in my basement until I got the other pieces of the puzzle into place.

I love my home to be cozy and comfortable.  Just like you do.

This is where LUSH DECOR comes into place.

If you see something you like right now at their website use the code LOVELUSH1 to get 10% off your purchase. This code will not expire - so go ahead and use it already.

If you want more? Well I have the giveaway for you - seriously this is the BEST giveaway I have had in the longest time people.

$200 to spend at on whatever floats your boat.

Really this site has romantic items, shabby chic, americana, fun items for a kids room...

You could even refresh your bathroom with a dramatic ruffle shower curtain

Right? I mean fun and drama! And they come in different color combinations. 

Here is how you can win:

1) Visit Lush Decor on Facebook - Like or just check them out.
2) Follow Lush on Pinterest (and their Pinterest boards are AWESOME!!!)
3) Follow Lush on Twitter
4) Leave me a comment with your Facebook Profile Name, Pinterest Account Name, or Twitter handle and Voila!

If you want to tell me what you would get with your $200 in an additional comment I will slip you an extra entry!

You have until the end of the Super Bowl 2015 to enter, I will place numbers representing each comment into a bowl after the Super Bowl and let Boo Boo La La draw the winner at random.  

If you win you will receive a code for a one time use to spend the $200, no value will be held. Product will be shipped to you and you may use your account to checkout!  

Good Decorating!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Enter to Win the GE Lighting Home Makeover Giveaway!

To celebrate the New Year, GE Lighting is offering a giveaway for a home lighting makeover experience!

Anyone remember the amazing results I got last year?
Old Bulbs Right - GE Reveal Left
I have been replacing bulbs all over my home with the GE Reveal and now you can too.

This great opportunity to switch out your old dingy lighting with beautiful lighting options from GE Lighting’s soft white, LED, or reveal® bulb line. I am bringing you the chance to enter to win one of these three great GE Lighting Home Makeover packages:

Beautify House Makeover Package - $200 worth of GE bulbs

Beautify Room Makeover Package - $100 worth of GE bulbs 

                                 Bathroom Makeover Package - $30 worth of GE bulbs 

GE Lighting is providing the product for this giveaway to help you learn about the different light bulbs available as the plethora of options can seem daunting at times. Choosing the right bulb for each room can be easy if you remember these FOUR steps:

  1. Pick the right fit
  2. Choose the right brightness
  3. Select energy savings and lifetime of the bulb
  4. Plus the right color and effect. 

GE has created three infographics along with some videos to help you along the way to a brighter home as you compare bulbs and consider the four steps. Please visit the GE website for more information.  

Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Use Rafflecopter to Enter
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

And be sure to check out more ideas from GE Reveal!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My "not so little" Girl.

Okay children, story time from the big girl has begun...

I watch her at gymnastics, or at daycare, or in groups of children where they gather.

Really, is she that tall?

When did this happen that I could barely carry her because her legs hang down so far?

When did she get so big she can read summer camp descriptions and choose for herself?

Who is this girl who just turned nine?

NINE? How is it nine years since I held her all day long and fed her and changed her and could not bear to be without her?  I would leave for the store and feel my body was not whole if I left her home with daddy.

She is growing up.

She has opinions (I'll say), style, compassion, good friends, and the love of all around her.

And boundless creativity and energy and sometimes a mama can't keep up, but my dear Boo Boo La La - your mama will always give it her best shot.

Enjoy being nine, because your "not so little" but you don't need to be big yet.


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