About Me

This is me...

The guy with the grin?  That is my lovely hubby T-bone, or as I like to call him...

This is my step-daughter Sair, Boo Boo La La, and J-Dogg aka Snake

and we cannot forget my pal Roofis, as in "Da Roof-is on fire!"

Hey There Potential Advertiser!  I worked with Chevy on The MOM SQUAD and blogged about my life in a Chevy Traverse until June 20, 2010.  One day shy of my next birthday when I turned *mumble*... 

So if you need someone to drive your fancy car for a month - I am your gal.

I even can do VLogs! 

Silly Sonnets

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Please join me in revisiting the Mommy Lisa of 1985-1990
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