There's A Party on My Bloggy!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
There are a few things you need for a great party! 

Family <--click

Friends  <---click

Pontification <---click

And a signature cocktail - Last Year it was the Chocolate Martini!

Get your best martini glasses
Dip the rims in PURE vanilla, then any flavor of instant cocoa
Get a shaker and fill with 6-8 cubes of ice
Pour in 1 shot Stoli Vanilla Vodka - or other brand
Pour in 1 shot Godiva Mocha Liqeur
Shake it like you mean it!
Strain into prepared martini glass and ENJOY!

This year I thought I would just serve up shots!

Jello anyone?
I hope you explore a bit of my blog and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it....the good and the bad.

Thanks for coming!  Leave me your thoughts & come back again REAL soon.

Love and Peace,


Anonymous said...

I have never had a martini, but that one sounds yum. Nice to meet you!

Celebrate Woman said...

Visiting you from the Ultimate Blog Party! Great colors! Love it all!

NANCY said...

I love martinis!!! I'm visiting from the UBP11 and just love your pics of the shooters!


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