What takes up my time?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So, I promised myself I would blog this time around. I tried at MySpace but it seemed so .... odd. Today I got an email from FauxMartha about her blog and I was impressed. I need to ramble more...why don't I do that? What EXACTLY is taking up all my time?

Here is how it goes from the time I hear the call of MOMMY! at about 7am each day.

1) I want cereal.
2) No cereal. Juice.
3) Mommy SIT!
4) *cereal is thrown on the floor & I clean it up*
6) Lotion?
7) *as we are getting clothes on* Bye-bye lotion!
9) Quatty move!
10) No car, NO!
11) MOMMY! what marin? MOMMY! what marin we are almost there? MOMMY!
12) *getting third cup of coffe and heading to the laptop*
13) need to check email.....

And now it is 10:14 am and where did the morning go?

On and on it goes all day, and now I have another class---who hoo HR management.

Can you tell I am psyched?

You know it is not so bad though. The job comes with hugs and kisses.

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