Happy Birthday, Mr. KAAARRRL!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My friend Karl has a birthday...a big one...he turns FIVE-O in December and his wife is throwing a surprise open house for him. They are trying to get away with it by saying it is for Jilena, his daughter. We will see how that works out for her; Good luck Patty!

The chops turned out AWESOME. My hubby complained about the onion remnants in the trash but I ignored him because he ate it like he never had a pork chop before. I cooked it longer than the recipe because I had THICK chops, but it did not take more than 25 minutes including bringing the apple juice to a boil. I served with little red potatoes and green beans. Even my boo boo la la ate some chop!

I am hoping for a nice glass of wine tonight at the party, or five, and to be home in bed to watch SNL. I never last much beyond the monologue these days....tragic.

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