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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We got up this morning and I had to get Boo Boo La La right into her clothes...she HATES that! She prefers to dawdle until after breakfast to get her pj's off and into clothing. I had to bribe her with her Hi-Five t-shirt.
Thank goodness that still works.

We went down and got Jacob and took off for his ortho appointment. Then, since we were done so quickly I decided we should go to McD's...and sit at a high table...and SMACK!!!! Down went my Boo Boo!!!!!


We calmed her down, put ice on and packed up...taking J-dogg to school. While he talked to her and made her giggle I called the doctors...we go in very quickly...doctor, McD's and school are all within a mile of each other thank GOD!

Guess what? NOTHING is wrong...no bump, no bruise, NOTHING!

I was strangley weirded out by this and kept asking the doctor, "Are you SURE that she is fine? I heard her head HIT the McD's floor? She was screaming. ARE YOUR SURE???"

She said, no bleeding, no bump. Unless she thows up or something seems "odd" she is just fine and that happens.

HOW IN THE H - E - double toothpicks did I get so lucky.

I started to shake and cry. I had been calm prior to this.

Now, she is totally normal.

What a day and it is only one pm. Deep Breaths everyone. Keep reminding me, deep breaths.

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