One of THOSE days...again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Have you ever had one of those days? I was thinking last night (through the throbbing migraine) about what I wanted to talk about in my blog. I had a really good idea, I think, and now it is no where to be I have another idea.

What to get for Christmas?

I have my MIL in my husband's family drawing and my SIL in my family---well my bro too because I will have to help my hubby buy.

So, what do I get my MIL? She really is tough to buy for because her taste is so different from mine. Options are:

1) A sweater with some design on it...she likes winter scenes and snowmen.
2) A digital photo keychain? My FIL is tech savvy to a point, then she could take photos around and show off grandkids...
3) Really nice gloves and scarf? She never wears hats, but this could be fun in a light pink or camel? She likes those colors.

And my SIL, I think for her and my brother from the kids a NICE $50 (at least) restaurant certificate...then for her??

1) A digital photo keychain as a mommy brag-book?
2) Some cool books? She loves to read, any suggestions?
3) Bath products, although as a hair dresser she has tons of access to stuff.
4) ? My mom said no gift cards it is a cop out....

For my brother I think some more Batman stuff is in order....

Then of course some other little fun gift? ;)

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