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Friday, November 16, 2007

This morning was really lazy, well slow. Boo Boo La La did not awaken until 7:30am!! It went like this if you are interested:

1) I got up at 6:27am just in time to kiss the hubby goodbye and head down to my computer.

2) I wanted to get my photo cards and holiday photo gifts ordered before I felt like they would not arrive. Thanks for voting I used number 2 and a pic from last year on the card. Do you see how they have ALL grown! Yikes I am an old lady.

3) bbll woke up at 7:27---I looked at the computer, weird huh? I went up to get her and we came down to get her some breakfast and make my coffee.

4) She was ALL DONE at 8:03 am after much fidgeting with her stuff and where she wanted to sit for breakfast.

5) time for bbll to molest the cat...I put a stop to it after a minute or two.

6) Kitchen is clean and we head upstairs to get dressed, bbll has at this time already removed her pj's and diaper and is prancing around naked.

7) She does not want to get dressed she decides instead to diaper her babydoll over and over and over...then pee on my bathroom much for naked time. AND right next to the potty chair she was sitting on for the three minutes before...but baby was now sitting in the potty.

8) Get dressed and fill our "purse" -her Halloween treat bag- with her stuff and walk to daycare.

9) I get home, return emails, settle in for a quick blog...ha ha ha.

Is that fun or what?

Tomorrow! Stay tuned for the big prep to go to THE COCKTAIL PARTY!!!

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