We went shopping

Sunday, November 25, 2007

At church there was a notice about this sale for kids in North Minneapolis, as I was reading it T-Dogg suggested we donate.

So after Boo Boo La La's nap, she and Sar-bear and I went to KMart.

You donate small ($3-$5) gifts and this group puts together a shopping experience for kids who really have no money to buy gifts for their family. They register to shop, pay a dollar, and get to choose five gifts for members of their family.

Remind me NOT to go to KMart next year. It is not cheaper, just cheap.

We did get these cool dolls for $5 for a group of three....

Fa la la la la

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Whiskeymarie said...

What a great idea-I love how creative the ideas are this time of year for giving to others...

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