Handmaiden's Craftmas

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I I trekked out last Sunday after church to do some good old fashioned Christmas Craft Shopping...I was not disappointed. I found some VERY cool necklaces---I hope the two women
who will get them enjoy them!! I got them from LEFTHAND ORIGINALS...

as well as these cool babies for myself....

I found a TON of cool prints, t's, jewelry, crochet items, etc. that were totally fun and irreverent...definitely what I can wear now that people do not see me much. Working from home has it's perks I tell ya! I restrained myself to the earrings and a cool hat.

These coasters were made by Giraffe, she also does very cool coasters of prints by a local artist. I am sure they are somehow entangled, but not sure how yet. He has awesome prints that are retro-50's with UFF-Da sayings, low-cut bodices and high skirts on the chicky's and other assorted "ironic" designs.

Last, but not least, these cool burp-cloths from Sheppard Girl. My hubby thought they were placemats...really T-Dogg, who buys three placemats in three patterns?

So that is the booty from the craft sale. If I forgot you, you got something crappy from the MOA!!! ;)

See ya,


1 comment:

Whiskeymarie said...

You were at the Handmaiden sale??
I was at the handmaiden sale!!!

(Though, truth be told I shopped 50% of the time I was there and the other 50% was spent in the VFW bar drinking bloodies)

Sigh. We could have had a "when bloggers collide" moment, but it wasn't meant to be...

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