So bummed

Monday, December 17, 2007

I had visions of sharing photos of our kill from the weekend in Tofte.

PKW and I went to the cabin to try and clean house. Last time anyone was up at the cabin, the meeces ate something that was the straw that broke the kind-hearted liberals back.

We had over 80 freaking mouse traps, peanut butter, sausages, etc. and NOT ONE MOUSE FELL FOR OUR BAIT.

It sucked. Do you believe I feel cheated? Me, someone who hates to kill mosquitos...but the mice were asking for it baby!!

We got the cabin clean and plugged up holes where we thought they were coming in, then left all the traps behind---phasers set to kill.

I am waiting for an update from PKW later in the week.

Posting photo of Lake Superior after I get it out of my phone.




The Media Grab said...

Whatever you do, don't take a black light to your carpet after the nice have been running around... unless you are down with seeing more mouse pee than anyone should know exists

MommyLisa said...


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