MICKEY!!! no, not the mouse.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Have you ever watched "Little Nicky"? The movie that Adam Sandler made just to show off all his other movies and see how much he could actually get away with?

It is really funny. I love the movie premise of a geeky son of the devil, I love the music, I LOVE Patricia Arquette. I told someone once that you can tell if you will get along with someone if they feel the same way you do about "Little Nicky".

Adam Sandler is my boyfriend after all, I have to support his artistic efforts, but more about my boyfriends some other day.

The point of this all is that my two year old child is now IN LOVE with "Little Nicky". She is so obsessed that I wish they made action figures I could by for her. She carries the jacket of the DVD all around and points to Adam and says in a sweet little voice, "My Mickey." And then she kisses him.

Now, I am not the one who introduced her to this movie. That would be the 14 year old boy in our house. But, gosh darn it, there isn't anything *really* bad in this movie. No nudity, no real violence is shown(except Winkler and the Bees and Ozzy with the digital image bat), and Nicky is half-angel, soooooo....what is the harm if she watches it now and then?

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