I hate sleeping in hotels

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have blogged about bad hotels before, but really my pro blem is ALL hotels. They are so damn noisy and always in a way that annoys me.

The hummmmmmmmmm of the damn mini bar.

The slamming of doors.

The rattle of the ice machine.

Planes flying overhead when you stay at an airport hotel.

Drunks Professional Skating Coaches.

AND, why are they SO SUPER CHEESY about naming the conference rooms? Ronald Reagan, Dulles and Liberty? Okay we get its the AIRPORT Hotel. Sweet.

When I get home I am making cookies.

*UPDATE* 5/27/2008 - I can NOT make those cookies again because I liked them so much I ate about a dozen!!! Yikes.

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Whiskeymarie said...

There's a reason I call the f**king awesome. They're delicious AND evil.

My pet peeve with hotels? The looooowww ceilings. They make me kind of claustrophobic.

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