Friday, June 20, 2008

Awhile ago I wrote about how hard it was to get the Boo Boo La La dressed in the morning.

Now the problem is the opposite - how to keep her clothing ON!

The challenge is that we take off her diaper to try and encourage using the potty. We have not had much luck in getting her to tell us she has to pee pee with the diaper on. ;) So when we get the diaper off she wants her shirt off too and runs around saying - "Me NAKED!!!" to the horror of her big sister and teenage giggles of her big brother.

"My god - don't let her do that when my boyfriend is over!" Ha ha ha.

We will keep trying with the potty. Encouragement was had over the softball tournament weekend when she ASKED both me and my mother to take her to the potty to pee pee...and she did.

But, then she wanted to be naked.


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