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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It was weird that yesterday I heard on the radio about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having too many kids for the sake of the children - my same belief that they get lost in the shuffle if you have too many.

It came from a psychologist, so do not tell me I AM WRONG - I believe what I believe and anything over, say half-dozen - is just too much.

When you start counting them like eggs, that is just sick. (for ME the two step-kids and my ONE is ENOUGH!)

Then, I get home and Mr. and Mrs Smith is on- had to watch it because the psychology of it is amazing.

You SEE them falling in love right on the screen in this rough and CRAZY way.

Poor Jen. Hope it works out with the new haircut -

Then I get to work and there is this story about someone having their 18 kid - and I think it must be those people who were on TLC(and OMG they are having #18 too) But NO it is new people and the Dad says,

he did not know if the couple would have more children. The family now has 10 girls and eight boys.
"We would have liked a boy to be even,"

Sorry Pal.

Then I start looking for that psychologists statement about Angelina and Brad and ALL THE KIDS THEY WANT and all I can find is that her Dad, Jon Voigt, is in the news Obama-bashing.

Fun, but I don't necessarily want him on my side.

Sort of a weird - baby - brangelina - obama-day for me.

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