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Friday, July 25, 2008

Years ago I broke my ankle crossing the street to meet with a client for the first time - Yes, I crawled across Park Avenue on a Friday morning in January - the people heading toward me in their cars on the way to work must have thought I started drinking early ---really I almost got run down and no one helped that was walking past, even though I asked them for help!!! Minnesota nice was not with me that morning.

What happend was I was restricted to bed for a few days to reduce the swelling so I could get a cast - and I got hooked on an infomercial for Bare Minerals.

Yes, I bought makeup off tv because Leslie Blodgett told me too.

And she was right! The stuff is awesome - and I TRIED the drugstore kinds, Sheer Cover, and some other private labels - they all have fillers and either feel 'cakey' or have sparkles in them -

Do you want shimmering foundation?

It was the first, and last, time I ever bought anything off tv that actually did what it advertised...

Until Miss Laura Ingells came along and stole my heart with WEN - yes, Chaz what-is-name made this awesome haircare product called

WEN Cleansing Conditioner - (so far Fig is my favorite scent, Lavendar is second)

This stuff really works - my hair is clean, soft and shiny - BUT I did not purchase it off tv. I did what I do now when I feel the lure of celebrities on Television (DAMN YOU CINDY CRAWFORD!!!)

I looked on Ebay - if there is a lot out there, dont' buy it it stinks! There were less than one dozen listings for WEN!!!

Next, I searched the internet for deals on it, GUESS WHAT - there is a better deal and more variety at AMAZON.COM than at WENHAIRCARE.COM!!!

Just ignore Chaz Dean's weirdo pictures of himself and you will be fine.

I also do not recommend the styling products - just get the cleansing conditioner.

I was also recently sucked in by organic dogs -

This cereal was in the organic aisle and I asked hubby to get it at the General Mills store where he works...they don't carry it anymore!!!! So, I bought some.


Clifford lures you in when you taste a few pieces when you open the box, but the second you poor any milk on it - it becomes a tastless mush!!!!

So, if you buy it - keep it as a snack, not cereal.

Happy weekend shopping kiddies - I have a few BBQ's to go to.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have been wondering about that Bare Minerals stuff. I am a complete sucker for buying things off of the tv or internet! That is why I am banned from Ebay and QVC...at least for now! :)

MommyLisa said...

Bare Minerals is AWESOME - I have been using for over 7 years now and it completely cleared up my skin...I used to get the occaisional zit, like monthly - now NOTHING.

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