Mama Mia weekend...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today capped off the weekend by finishing homework, taking Boo Boo La La to the Farmer's Market and Whole Foods - she wearing a t-shirt, skort, hello kitty flip flops, and kicky knit winter hat!

I should have taken a picture I know!!!

We got all kinds of goodies including: tomatoes of heirloom varieties, basil, parm reg., cucumbers, beans, lettuces, that good kettle corn, and other fun stuff.

Came home and made big batch of pesto to freeze.

Almost finished the laundery entirely!!! (is it ever really done?)

and this after not ONE but TWO toddler birthdays yesterday (Saturday).

Both fun, but VERY different.

Happy two Miranda
Happy three Alex

Yes, one girl and boy, DUH the parties were different!

And EXCELLENT sushi friday night with the girls - LOBSTER ROLL ROCKS!! followed by viewing the most awesome movie ever made.

Really, don't judge, just GO!!!!


Shonda Little said...

You make homemade pesto? Overachiever!

Gucci Mama said...

The laundry sounds familiar.

Mama Mia? One big honkin' cheese factory, but good in spite of itself. Especially the dad who (much to my dismay) turned out to be gay. Yum. He can father my children any time.

So, when should we be there for the feast complete with homemade pesto? Do you want us to bring anything?

MommyLisa said...

Homemade Pesto is the easy part! Especially now that the hubs bought me a Breville Hemisphere blender!

I just saw a thing on Public Television about the "proper" method for making garlic cheese bread - NO LIE it took over 30 minutes.

If you come bring wine or... I guess wine.

the gay dad - just LOVE me some Colin Firth. ;)

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