I did it for the lamb chops - uff da I am full STILL

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WARNING - This is a blog of serious carnage and not for the feint of heart, or Vegetarians!!!
If you are a carnivore who occaisionally likes to get down with a large plate of nuttin' but almosting moo'ing meat


T-berg came over to our house and we headed downtown to meet with the gang!!! Here are the boys - wishing they had worn their Zubas.

Here are the lovely couples as they got a cocktail and got ready for the ultimate carnage at FOGO DE CHAO.

The Veterans ready to chao!

Us?? We are clueless as to what will happen next.We have been here for 20 minutes, what is with you people???


The Waiter is ready!!

The meat is ON FIRE!!!

The CHEESY popovers are on the table...

Great goodness - LET's EAT!!!

Don't bother with too much of the plantains honey...

Yeah, this is why we came - get the Gaucho's over here baby!





Yes, we ate and ate and ate. We liked it bloody and hot I tell you...and I chose to do a live report from the table as we were winding down with our last few perfectly seasoned and seared lamb chops.....

Screw dessert - let's go back to Casa De Scherbs for some free cocktails. We have been through the carnage and some day we will be back for more.

Thanks Mrs. Faux Martha for the best idea EVER!!

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