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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have a big problem with not being able to sleep.

Now, some might think it is the fault of the baby - but this started happening to me long before sweet Boo Boo La La was born. What happens is:
  1. I go to sleep and fall asleep fairly quickly
  2. I wake up for NO apparent reason
  3. I lay there trying not to think
  4. I get up to go potty
  5. I hope that soon I will just fall back asleep
  6. I get up for more water
  7. I lay there another ten minutes
  8. I go downstairs and if the kids are at Robin's throw in some laundry - may as well get something done...
  9. I watch some late night infomercials
  10. I go down and turn on the computer and check Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, other blogs...
  11. It is now time to get up - so, I just take a shower
Now for a funny story - Imagine a family of five driving home with their newest addition in the back of the Aviator in a box marked "Family Member Inside".
J: So what do we name him.
S: AWWW, come on! You named LUCKY and Jake named Quattro.
M: VETO! How about Jellybean or Bean?
S & J: Ahh, LAME.
T: What about VIRGIL???
S, J, M: NO!
hmmmm. long pauses....what do we name him?
T: I got it! Rufus!
J: Hey - pretty cool.
S: I had a pink stuffed dog named Rufus.
M: I had a REAL dog named Rufus...
T: Hell-OOOO, I was joking!
J: How do you spell Rufus?
Boo Boo: Roofis!!! hee hee
T, M: R-U-F-U-S
S: Let's spell it R-O-O-F-I-S! -
M: Da roof, da roof, da Roofis on Fire!
S, J, Boo Boo: *groan*

Ta - Da! We are weird, but that's okay.

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