Quiet Weekend

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay, so not much going on at our house this weekend - working teenagers, sleepovers, babysitting for baby Nora, baking and basting a turkey breast right now.
Generally Uneventful.
But yesterday I was flipping channels and saw this on QVC and mumbled to myself as I changed the channel. The hubs came poked his head out of the closet and said, "What did I do now?"

Nothing, just tell me what you think when you see these. (flip back to QVC)

"Ummm, 1983."

THANK YOU! You now have ONE free fashion pass honey, but you used it by wearing that stained brown t-shirt out to the mall today - sorry.

Love you anyway!
p.s. the kicker was the 'selling point' that you don't have to SCRUNCH them down, they are sewn that way. EWWWW.

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D. Debil said...

Let me recommend The Sartorialist. It often has some great fashion photography and the gentleman that runs the blog is a photog in the industry. His sensibilities reflect the current fashion trends, but often he hits on something that isn't too over the top and downright silly.


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