Get out and Vote - for the kitchen of my Boo Boo's Dreams

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Large BRIGHT Kitchen: The "Let's Cook" Kitchen:

Melissa & Doug's version -
Large PASTEL Kitchen
OR, the Funky Retro-Red Kitchen? It will go in Boo Boo La La's room which is light purple walls, fish-themed bedding, pale pink ceiling and fabulous light green sheers and laundry basket. Other furniture is purple like the walls, white and light oak. YES, being the baby she got hand-me down furniture and other cheaper pieces I thought would work...I want her kitchen to be cool!


Faux Martha said...

I vote for #1.....It is super duper cute.

Whiskeymarie said...

#1 is AWESOME. And, it sounds like it will go with the decor best.

Encourage her dreams- maybe someday she can have my job when I retire.

Mrs. S. said...

I like either of the large kitchens.. Have you seen the Step 2 Retro Diner? That one is super cute too, and it comes with LOADS of stuff!

Unknown said...

the melissa & Doug or red retro one are my vote!

Unknown said...

I love that I'm not insane! Thank you for showing me this post. Looks like I have some more things to consider now. :)

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