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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If you know NOTHING about my husband and I you must know that we met at one of the biggest dives in NE Mpls.
Arone's Bar
I am not sure if this is the reason we love Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives - but it would be a fair last weekend we decided to go to one of the places on Triple D - Town Talk Diner.
When we got home - lo & behold - Guy was on Food Network and reviewing ANOTHER Minnesota Classic, THE WEINERY! This blog is not about the food, although I highly recommend going to the Weinery and getting, at minimum, a Chicago Dog and Fries - hand cut & prepared to order - so do NOT be in a hurry to get anywhere else.

We decided to head over to The Weinery for a nice dog on Sunday afternoon - late, so we would then have popcorn for dinner (yeah!). Boo Boo La La fell fast asleep on the way over there - so OUT that she slept as I took her out of the car seat and carried her into the "hole in the wall" and sat down finally at a table the counter guy cleaned off for us.

We ordered, she slept, People came in and out - laughing and talking - she slept.

JUST before the food got to our table she wakes up...slowly looks around...and says,

"MOM - LOOK, it's Barack Ooo-BAMA! Can I touch him?" *look toward window and see campaign poster *
Sure, baby, sure.

The whole place laughed and smiled. We were on Cedar Avenue of course....

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