Other Issues Under Consideration in November

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

While you may not agree with same-sex marriage I do agree with it on the civil union level. I am afraid that the candidates are ignoring the fact that it does NOT have to be in a church to be legal and we should make it legal. I feel it will help the gay community feel more a part of our society - and they ought to feel that way!!! They are after all is said and done your brother, sister, friend, and Dick Cheney's daughter!

The item on the ballot in California makes me the most upset - I have a friend who got married there this year.
Here are the issues up to vote - don't you wish you could put in your two cents?
Same-sex marriage: Initiatives to ban same-sex weddings are on the ballot in Arizona, California and Florida. Arkansas will consider allowing only married couples to serve as foster parents. Approval in California would reverse a state Supreme Court ruling that made California only the
second state to legalize same-sex marriage.

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