Saturday Night's Alright

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We went to see Liz Phair -really, that is a picture of her - and YES, my camera on my phone bites....she was wearing a skintight purple t-shirt and black skintight leather pants...

Her songs are mostly about taking home guys and f***ng was a fun show and quite surprising that there were so many seemingly straight guys who knew all the words. ')
Faux Martha and I got tickets - I was not going to write about it, BUT - when I got back in the car after seeing Liz at FIRST AVENUE there was a PRINCE song on the radio. *normally not odd in MN, but I had 89.3 The Current on the radio*
A few times during the show FM turned to me and said - damn, she is so tiny - I hate her - then, she turns and says "She must be thirty----" I interrupted to say, "She is 2 months older than me!"

SHUUUUT UPPP! Now, I really hate her.

When we left the show we had cocktails at Lions Pub - it is EXACTLY the same, even the lame 80's, 90's music AND both noticed....

You can see boy's peeing in the First Avenue bathroom from the street!

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