Tuesday Tip Jar - my first one

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My tip for the day - very first one - is Envirosax! Hey, even on Facebook I am a member of drop the plastic bag!
I have tried keeping bags in the car - and end up running back to the car from the store almost every time.
I tried the zip up ones - too small to hold much.
Envirosax rock because they hold a TON and the roll up simply and store in a cute little pouch. I always have them handy in my purse. PLUS, they get me stuff - like cents off to donate to charity at Whole Foods and FREE PUNCHES on my frequent buyer card at Once Upon a Child. (toys, pj's and jeans for a toddler need NOT be new to be loved - and that is another recycling tip! *my second*)
Where to buy them? Amazon.com, Ebay, RedEnvelope - they are basically the same price EVERYWHERE, so look for free shipping or other coupons. They are $38 or so for 5 bags - but that brings home over $200 worth of groceries from Cub.

This is my set - aren't they stylish?

1 comment:

Faux Martha said...

I concur dear friend. I have the orange one and I love it. They rock. And so do you.....FauxMartha

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