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Monday, November 24, 2008

I was reading this magazine and they had an article about this "hip" new line of handbags and travel cases from Stella McCartney with LeSportSac - okay the magazine was from Spring, but it was at the gym...
It talked about how Stella was in touch with the modern "mom on the go" and the items were functional, eco-friendly and yet still feminine and stylish.

um, puke

Then they showed the stuff and the price and I almost slid off the treadmill.

$120 for a KID'S BACKPACK? and get this - they SOLD OUT of them!!!

You can now find them on eBay starting at $99 and going up from there.

My guess is that it was 20-something women with disposable income and very little taste that bought them. And so much for the $420 suitcase that is now on sale for 75% off. Mom's on the go do not have that kind of extra least no one I know.


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Anonymous said...

That's probably more than I've spent on underwear in the last five years.

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