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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My dad used to tell my mom she yelled at us too much, but you know - I just don't remember it being that often.
What I DO remember is that she use to always have fun stuff for us to do when we were little.
For Example:
  1. Tour the local newspaper
  2. Visit the zoo and feed the seals
  3. Go see cousins and play at their house - new & different toys!
  4. create a library in our laundry room
  5. make playdough
  6. paper maiche balloons and paint them
  7. bake anything and everything we could think of
it is this last item that brings us to the subject of today's post.
my mom still keeps a roll of butcher paper and markers in the house!

See how creative we are?

This is how the boy drew Boo Boo la la

And we all helped draw - EVEN my dad...

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