Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday it began to snow while I was at work and I called the hubby - "Hey it will still be snowing tonight. Do you know where the sleds are?" "OF COURSE - they are right inside the garage." - Okay, let's go for a walk and look at the lights on the parkway.

Here we are off on the parkway...Boo Boo was VERY excited about all the snow. She actually started telling us to "Hurry up and get your boots on!" while we were still eating dinner - just a salad, so not much to clean up.

After a bit she wanted to pull the sled herself....
Weren't we lucky her new snow pants arrived yesterday from Land's End? Mommy is a good shopper.

Back into the sled.
And MOMMY! Take a picture of THOSE lights......
(remember Mommy can't take super good pictures of lights in the dark.)
Happy walking in your winter wonderland!!!

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