Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, I was thinking of doing a post about how much I love both my stepkids, but I want them each to have one.

Sair- bear is the most independant woman I know. And I like to believe that I and my family had at least 15 percent of a hand in that. We were talking a lot today and it made me think about it....

So, why do I think I have ANY thing to do with how independant this girl/woman is?

My mom and her get along so well - she usually drops everything when it comes to her.

Her views on love mimic mine

She gets along great with all her male relatives - I do not know ONE that she has major problems controlling with a witty comment or sideways glance, including my goofy brother...

I LOVE HOW MEAN SHE IS TO HER BOYFRIENDS...she is just how I want her to be, they are worshiping her and NOT vice versa.

She pities the girls who fall all over her little brother...although he is not bad to them, he is a bit of a play-er.

This is the girl who in third grade said - "I like divorce."

me: "okay, why?"

her: " because then you get more people who love you and care about you. More grandpa's and grandma's, aunts, uncles, everybody! It is awesome."

me: "yes you do."

isn't she awesome?

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Ann(ie) said...

She is awesome. And I love how much you love her!!! Step relationships are all around me and it is rare sometimes!!! xo.

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