Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is how I usually see Jake these to the hill board in hand.
He is a busy fifteen-year-old boy/man...with a girlfriend who plays basketball and friends that are older, younger and his own age. He is a people person, just like his dad, and "Gosh Darn it, People like Him."
When J-Dogg was just six I had been living with his daddy for about two months. I had the day off to hang with him and Sair and we went to the zoo - goofed off - the usual. We got home to make dinner and he comes in about five minutes before it is ready because,
"I want an oreo."
no, it is almost dinner time.
run off to his room & I chase him down
Jake, you don't hate me - you are mad at me. And that is OK. You can say whenever you want that you are mad at me...but not that you hate me. Okay?
"O.K. I guess."
Ever since then he and I just don't really fight. Yes, I get mad at him for this or that stupid thing he forgot to do - but, we don't fight. In fact, we have a lot of fun together - even last Monday at AC/DC or just goofing on Idol as we stand in the kitchen.
We get each other's jokes pretty well.
Here is a photo of him dutifully performing run after run (seriously like for 1/2 hour) at the hill so I could get some good camera bites in the dark - but he looks great.
Doesn't He?

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