I was ignoring it. But now...

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was ignoring octomom and all her babies, but I could not keep it in anymore after I heard about her contacting Angelina Jolie & that the DAMN DOCTOR has another woman knocked up with Quads - who is ALMOST FIFTY, yes 50 and quadruplets.
that'll work.

But before I rant more - here is a pretty rose I got when I drove into our parking ramp at work today!!!

Pretty, isn't it?

As far as Octomom goes - and I do not deny any woman the right to her own reproductive decisions - but, you have to be able to AFFORD it. That is part of earning the right - earning the do-re-mi.

At least that is how it was for me and all my girlfriends - or men I know who also face these challenges with their wives.

  • It was an expensive THREE YEARS for me to get pregnant with Boo Boo La La & I did not even get to IVF.
  • A friend MAXED OUT FOR LIFE on her husband's insurance after ONE TREATMENT, that was not even as expensive as IVF. They had to wait until he changed jobs and got better insurance to try again.
  • Another friend TRIED and TRIED and TRIED, IVF - everything. And she could not get pregnant. She gave up and now in her early fifties is 'content' with the fact her step-child loves her dearly.

Friends with miscarriages, concerns about genetics, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

This woman and her so-called doctor are rubbing these children in the faces and up the noses of all of the rest of us. It is a sick, sick, sick side to reproductive challenges.

She could have had ONE, just one and been grateful because she required such extreeme measures to give birth.

with no husband, no insurance, no place to live on her own...

what gives her the RIGHT to more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more?

Bright side for me is that maybe Angelina Jolie will think twice before she has any more.


themom said...

I guess I am obsessing over this idiot woman...but did you hear her make the remark "I will give myself to each of my children unconditionally, which is MORE than MOST mother's do." It's a good thing I couldn't get thru the TV to strangle her. If Children's Services does not step in - and not allow these infants into her hands - it will be a magnanimous mistake on the part of the state. Her lies and cheating ways are being revealed almost daily. She makes me so angry.

Ann(ie) said...

She makes me angry, too. I cannot stand it when people have more kids than they can afford or care for b/c of their own internal issues that they won't or don't take care of. ug. And I feel terribly for her poor folks, too. UG!

Whiskeymarie said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is child abuse. Unless someone steps in, those poor children are going to be paying for their whack-job mother's mistakes for the rest of their life.
This woman needs psychological help- stat.

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