To Barbie or Not to Barbie

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is the Boo Boo La La - I know, I know - you HAVE seen her before.
Isn't she just the cutest??
The thing is that she is now three years old. Her birthday and Christmas are superclose together and I feel that sometimes she should get a cool Easter gift or Fourth of July or something because of that.
So, this year I thought BARBIE???
How cool would that be? Could you imagine it? and I saw THIS Barbie, except Toys R Us recommends it for 16 and older? Because it is a Barbie PINK Collection 1967 Twist and Shout model - and it is $40 so...maybe a cheaper first Barbie, like the Zoo Doctor or Sea World Trainer?

But, here is the question. To Barbie or Not?

I never got a Barbie, my mom did not let me have one.

I had the Sunshine Family.

Uh, yeah. They WERE fun and Groovy and all but...

Do I let Boo Boo have a Barbie?

Is it wrong or ICONIC?


Mnmom said...

Nothing wrong with Barbie - I had tons and played for hours with them, and I'm a feminist.

But Booboo-lala (love that name) might be too young. Give her some play doh and play do tools - my girls played for HOURS with play do.

Anonymous said...

When my son was about your daughter's age, he asked for a Barbie. It was the only thing he ever asked for, so what the hell, I bought him one, mostly because I knew it would drive his grandpa nuts, though. Of course now, he totally denies he ever had a Barbie (or a Dancing Debbie for that matter!) despite the photographic evidence.

I say go ahead and get her one, you're the real female role model in her life. Just make sure she has plenty of other creative toys to play with around too.

MommyLisa said...

Yes, she really does not have many "dolls" all her toys are playdoh, coloring books, books, legos, her kitchen with its mountain of food and cooking/baking utensils and a couple of electronic learning toys - a town with alphabet and a pink laptop with letter and shape games and the toddler MP3 player to dance.

She has one Ariel doll that sings and some Cabbage Patch that were all gifts.

I guess I feel like she deserves to get a treat like this...but, maybe for Christmas next year.

themom said...

I really think BBLL may be a wee tad young yet - for Barbie. I might buy her another "similar" type doll (less expensive, and see where that takes you. Once you start the Barbie...then comes the house, clothes, car...divorce, alimony...etc.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's not Barbie that's wrong, what we project on to her is what is wrong. Buy the kid a Barbie.

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