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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Since last fall when I finally complained to my hubby about my lack of time to hit the gym - he and I have been trading days to get up at 4:30 am (we have a toddler and teenagers -when do you think we can work out?) and go to the Y.
I am NOT in the greatest shape of my life, yet, but I am working on it - and need the rest of you to know the rules I have learned about manners and etiquette at the gym.
It was something I felt passionately about after a few 'iffy' mornings of people interupting my high on the treadmill - and as The Countess says - Anyone can have class.
Alright, alright, alright. I said I was going to have more patience and be nicer to people this year, but writing this will prevent me from shoving one of these annoying people off their treadmill - OKAY? ;)
  1. Do not get on the machine NEXT to someone already working out if there are others open! Unless you know them, then it is a fun distraction!
  2. If you MUST get on a machine next to someone try to find someone at cool down, or just starting, not someone in the zone.
  3. If you MUST get on a machine next to someone in the zone - do not "f" around. Get on and start working out - do not start and stop a bunch of times, and futz with a book AND a newspaper, you are being DISRUPTIVE. stop it.
  4. Do not wear heavily scented lotion or ANY PERFUME at ALL to the gym. You are there to get sweaty and people have asthma, I do NOT want to have to use my inhaler because you wore your perfume to the gym!!!
  5. Do find a place AWAY from people if you know you are having a gassy day. Like the LAST row of machines, not the first - so when you fart your scent hits us all. Just not classy dude. Even my gass-ius husband knows this one.
So there you have it, the rules you need to not cause the woman next to you at the Y to scream inside her head for you to GO AWAY!!!!!!!
I hope it was helpful.


themom said...

When gas-seous...definitely going to the far end - alone, is a wise decision.

Ann(ie) said...

HAAAAAAA! These are good!

lisahgolden said...

I'll remember these! As if, right?

Gucci Mama said...

Love it!

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