Norwegians are funny like that...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Okay there are a few reasons that this is the Friday Video this week.

  1. I was going to go to You Tube and search for "wet hair" but realized I did not need to with this video handy...(Morten's hair always looked a little "wet" to me...)
  2. I no longer dry my hair because someone said it was a waste of energy and I am trying to do one thing at a time to be "greener".
  3. My friend Nettie is back in Norway and this song reminds me of when I lived there because it had JUST been a big hit in the US.
  4. Why are Norwegians "funny like that"? Their "Ti pa (sorry, I do not have access to the little cicle a - forgive me Nancy!) Toppen" radio program that plays the top ten songs of the week...even though all the A-ha songs had ALREADY been Ti pa Toppen they brought them BACK because they were "tops" in the USA.
  5. Norway is our biggest ally, next to England, they fight with us...but instead of trying to be more like US we should be more like them!!! Hello healthcare for all & hot blondes going rock-climbing!

Happy Friday! ;)

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Mnmom said...

For more on Norwegians, see my post later tonight. Norwegians seem to be the theme of the week.

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