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Monday, August 10, 2009

I read this from St. Tigerlilly and it made me laugh until I *almost* snorted out some limeade (YES, still not drinking caffeine in any form...I cheated last week and had three diet cokes, but I WAS on vacation).

It reminded me of all the complainers I have met in my years as a native of the Twin Cities.

born in St. Paul, two years in Blue Earth, remaining "formative" years in the 'burbs, attended "the U", 20-something roaming, and since 2000 living in peace and harmony off a Minneapolis Parkway. this makes me native, right?

Anyway, the point is that I have met a lot of people that are not from here AT ALL.
They came here for school, a job, a boyfriend, and mostly I have liked all that I have met...until they turn into the sad - woe is me - I have NO friends - complainer that says with great fervency...
"There is no such thing as Minnesota nice!"
and the ever (UN-)popular
"You people are all so clique-y!"
"You people" meaning me and my family and some of my friends...
I have VERY good friends that are from anywhere but the Twin Cities - Kim is from Syracuse, Faux Martha is from AZ, Paige lived a lot of her life Up North - which makes you foreign! ;) Heather and Jaci are PACKER Fans for crying out loud!!!

I hate that lumping of us as "clique-y" - as CLEARLY I am not.

Yes, people here are a@@hole@ just like in every other part of the world.
I mean I do not really like people all that much myself - but that is another post of itself.
But please, dear transplants to my wonderful Twin Cities - yes even you St. Paul - think before you tell a native that people are "clique-y" here. You are obviously not left out in the cold if you are at our home - invited to share a party, glass of wine, lovely meal, etc.
You are WANTED or you would be back at your own place whining about how we never "take in outsiders".
Okay, stepping off the steps of the Basilica now...here endeth the rant for this Tuesday.

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