Homecoming...smell the t'ping in the air!

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is not my house. I just thought this was the best put together video of a t'ping job on YouTube.

You see, this morning I was driving Boo Boo La La to daycare and we passed by a home with a FAB tp job on it. Boo Boo said,

Mama - WHAT is THAT?

Toilet Paper.


Toilet Paper in the trees.

THAT is dis-GUST-ing. (I laughed because this is her new thing to say.)

It is homecoming at Armstrong and I am assuming the residents have a football player, cheerleader, or homecoming court nominee inside. I will have to ask Sair and J-dogg later - they do not hang out with all the kids in our 'hood.

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