Your weiner or Your life?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is a picture that many in Minneapolis-St. Paul will recognize. Chris Shaffer from WCCO.

I know Chris Shaffer from working as a radio dj. Our paths crossed for a few years at KOOL 108 - he is a superduperextraspecialniceguy - so I feel bad about this exchange...but, I am sharing anyway! ;)

Last night watching the news Chris said something about the radar being "green and gold" for the Packer fans because of the rain.

I said, "Oh hush up Stillwater boy!"
The hubs responded - "Just kill him." (JOKING OBVIOUSLY!)
I responded, "Kill him? Just cut off his wiener!" (again JOKING!)
"THAT IS CRUEL", the hubs replied.
"Cruel? You wanted to kill him."
"Honey, ask any man, 'If you did not know it was coming, would you rather be killed or have your wiener cut off?' all of them will say, 'Kill Me.'"

You men are just about weird enough that his tale may be, let me know.

Your wiener or your life?


Anonymous said...

KILL ME.....a life with out mini thank

Unknown said...

If cutting his hair would suck Garth's will to live- no weiner would suck my will to live-so-

I chose death

giz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
giz said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. Today's post is hysterical - what is it with guys? OK, don't even get me going.

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