Friday, December 25, 2009

This video is from when Boo Boo La La was about to turn 3 years old last year. We were talking about the holidays and she kept saying "Crazy Christmas"!

The last few days I was thinking about my neighborhood. I do not live in the "suburbs" per se. I live in more of an urban neighborhood with a neighborhood coffee shop, restaurants, the Minneapolis Parkway System, a corner gas station and the best thing of all....

The Bunny Store!

The store is actually called GOLD MEDAL but there are a boy and girl bunny on the sign - so most neighbors call it the Bunny Store!

We often find on holidays that we need something. And the regualar stores are farther away and may be PACKED with people (or closed), so we try the Bunny Store first. This time we needed WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE.

sounds fancy right?

I thought "No way The Bunny Store will have WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE."

But guess what? Not only did the Bunny Store have WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE -

it was $1.49
and I thought it was fancy....


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas friend;)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Awww....she is way too cute!

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