Throwback Thursday in pictures

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is my Grandma Bye and Me - the pictures came from piles of her old stuff after she passed away over a year ago. I finally scanned them into the computer last night - well this pile anyway...

This is my first PROFESSIONAL Photo - I think I recall my mother saying one of my grandmothers paid for the session.

My dog Rufus and me in what looks like a TOGA around the time of my first birthday...

There was no baby bathtub Mom???

This is my Great Grandpa Bye and me - I must have been about one...I think he lived until I was five or six.

These all say they were from April of 1968 and seem like they are around Easter because of the gift of a desk and my dress...but I am not sure.
What is really interesting about these pictures is that some I was sure were NOT me until I saw the dates and they must be me. They look like my brother when he was little AND his daughter Nora too. But, they are ME.
Hope you enjoyed this trip. I have more from the pile and will scan them in for you soon.


Kori said...

Great photos honey! Thanks so much for visiting yesterday and commenting on my post. You are too kind. Hope you have a great Thursday doll. Kori xoxo

Anonymous said... are the cutest little thing ever....great pics, what wonderful memories.

Shell said...

Those are great!

My mom always used to give us baths in the sink, too. She thought I was crazy for wanting a baby bath tub for my kids.

Working Mommy said...

GREAT photos!! It must be so wonderful to have these memories! Thanks for sharing!


lisahgolden said...

Love it! I am crazy for old pix like these. I love looking at the people, the background, the clothes, hair, all the stuff. Am I getting old?

kadler said...

These are awesome photos! Love the first professional ones :)

Whiskeymarie said...

You know how I love the old pics- these are great!

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