Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOTS of work and something else in the works, AND school. 

Plus, we leave for a trip on Friday - SOOOO.  I will try to write again over the weekend.  But please enjoy this photo of my new FaceBook profile picture:


Anonymous said...

that is seriously the best pic it, made me snort out have a good trip my friend;)

Raising Z and Lil C said...

LOVE it ;)

Working Mommy said...

Betty White is fabulous...Betty White with a gun is SO much more entertaining...though, I don't think I'd actually trust her with a gun in real life ;)


Loukia said...

You are a busy bee! :) Betty White is awesome.

My Life in Purple said...

I couldn't remember where I had seen this before, but it was YOU!!! haha

You rock and I love this photo :)

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