I should have taken a picture this morning! DARN..well, she was wearing this dress.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

That is a lovely photo of two girls who play together really well...have ever since they were little.  I mean they met each other when Boo Boo was almost 2 months and Ms. K was a few weeks (or was it days?  I think I was on maternity leave still...) old.  :)

Boo Boo is wearing that lovely little clearance frock from Hanna Anderson (I LOVE Hanna Anderson - Auntie Lois got her the first dress from there...adored!) for her Valentine Party at Pre-K.
They do all the "bad" stuff at her Pre-K, cuz its not public. 
Christmas Party - YUP!
Will they talk of Easter? 
Am I a blonde Lutheran Norwegian?
Yes and You Betcha!

Wait, why was I writing this post?  Oh yeah...last night.

Anyway...last night.  Last night was weird.  My group for my class got together at our usual time on Wednesday and it was a MARATHON session of over 2.5 hours to make decisions for our fake company.  One person in particular was fighting, fighting, fighting to keep our camera price HIGH.  Ummm, for THREE WEEKS the system has told us our weakness is a high priced camera.  HELLO!  We have DECLINED over the last three weeks.
drink the kool-aid, we are lowering the price.

I was kind of jazzed up by the session and needed to work on my other paper for the online discussion so I did not get up to my room until 9:30.  By then Boo Boo and T-Bone were pretty out of it...T-bone kept drifing off and snoring, I was waiting for Sair to make it home from the DB's wrestling meet. 
I just was NOT ready to nod off...
plus, T-bone brought home these chocolate covered mini-brownies.  I tasted one and quickly got a second to have with a teeny glass of Five Rivers Pinot Noir.  CURSE YOU GENERAL MILLS sending those treats home with hubby...and I cannot even BUY THEM YET!!!!  Argh.

I watched the re-play of Sheer Genius, sooo much better than Project Runway this year, and then flipped over to Letterman.  Sair was home, thank goodness, because Jessica Biel?  YAWN!  I was ready to rack out.

All this time Roofis is laying on my legs...I do not know what has been up with him the last 12 hours or so, but he has NOT wanted to leave my side.  Normally when he is on my legs he jumps down if I move twice, last night he never left!  Not until...


Rang out from Boo Boo La La's room and T-bone JUMPED up to see what was going on. 
It was the pee-pee patrol. 

When Boo Boo turned 4 she said,
"I am a BIG GIRL now and us BIG GIRL'S, like me and Ms. K, do NOT wear pull-ups mama." 

But, Boo Boo sleeps as deeply as Lestat awaiting a new dawn in New Orleans.  So, there are accidents.
What can I do about that one?  I have taken away drinking anything after 7pm (don't judge she goes to bed at 8:30 or 9pm.  We have teenagers and that has ALWAYS been her schedule because of baseball/softball games, conferences, etc.)  Really, any ideas to avoid the accidents?

During the comotion Roofis had enough - he took off to hide until things settled down.  Then he nestled back in until I got up to go to the gym at 4:30am.  He would NOT leave me...followed me all over the house and even tried to go out the door in the freezing cold with me.  While I was locking the door he put his little paws up to the window, "TAKE ME WITH YOU MAMA!" 
I have not had that love from him in a year! 

It must be that Valentine's Day is in the air...or that I have filled his bowl with food the last few days.  ;)

Te amo,


Margaret said...

My cats have been like that too lately. It is always strange when they act like that.

Anonymous said...

it must be valentines, cause my pets are acting the same way....

the pic of the girls is just priceless;)such joy on there faces;)

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