Radio Days Remembered - Olympics

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A long, long, long time ago...Mommy worked at a radio station called KISS FM.  no, not that one...

This KISS FM was in Ottumwa, IA and played Top 40 hits - Think Ace of Bass and Steve Perry solo!  ;)

The year was 1994.  Mommy had just gotten let go at the end of 1993 from her first ever radio job...she remains friends with the boss because it was not her performance, but the fact that running a radio station costs A LOT of money.  And that is hard to find in Crosby, MN. 
Love you Margaret!!!  (mwah! kisses to Texas!)
The Olympics were about to get underway in Lillehammer, Norway -
Heia Norge!  shout out to my peeps across the pond!!

The big scandal had already occurred and we were waiting for the match-up of the AGES!!!


But, wait, what???  Who the heck is THIS???

Every morning my boss - the morning show guy and station manager had to read the results of the evening before...
He was having trouble saying "Oksana Baiul"
and I was laughing at him...
He thought if I thought it was soooooEASY to say

Oksana Baiul

then I could DAMN WELL SAY IT FOR HIM!  So over the few days of Women's Figure Skating at the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway I got to be on the morning show to say:

Lillehammer - in perfect Norwegian accent
Oksana Baiul - in mock Ukrainian accent

next time ask me about Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold...

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Oh way cool job....tell more;)

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