Recycling - Or, Why I now love Craig's List.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I had been growing pretty tired of the dishes my husband and I purchased at Ikea about a half-dozen years ago.  We bought them when he had HAD ENOUGH of the dishes we registered for at Target for our wedding...he hated that the deep rims made for poor dishwasher cleaning of them. 

It was kind of icky.

The Ikea plates were of two patterns, one all white (pattern?) and the other white in the center with blue rims. 
Nice, if a bit boring. 
Pretty, but stark.

I was reading a blog called Communal Global - awesome photographers around the world in ONE PLACE daily...they had a entry, "My Favorite Dishes" and Lola from Utah put up a flea market find of pretty antique blue plates...just five of them, but she loved them...even the chips.

THAT is what I want, I thought to myself...I want antique dishes!  Something unique.

Craig's List...hmmmm.

I searched and found a lovely set - 12 place settings of three plates, cups and saucers???!  Serving bowls AND platters!  Nine soup/cereal bowls, Eight sauce/fruit bowls??? 

I emailed and got a response from Donna Rose.  Is that not the best name of someone to buy antique dishes from? 

Donna Rose 
pretty, right?

She emailed me: 

Hi Lisa,

The china is still available. Carefree means it's very durable. I included a website below that is an old magazine ad and I typed some information in case you can't look at the website. The Flame Lily china is my older sister's wedding china (married in 1958!). I also bought Syracuse Carefree china in 1969 and still use it. I don't think a piece has ever broken. And just today I was reminded that it's ovenproof. I have always put mine in the dishwasher.

"it's guaranteed against breaking. Here's translucent, delicate-looking china that's safe in children's hands, your oven, your dishwasher, indoors, outdoors, 12 months of the year... all made in America."

AND it carries the Good Housekeeping seal!

I had to have it!  I emailed my husband and he said, "I would eat of them!"  Awesome.

I setup to meet Donna Rose's sister's daughter...yes, the lady who owns the china is traveling on the east coast with her hubby...but it was so fun to see her house, meet one of her daughters and chat and laugh and meet one of her granddaughters - all with my daughter in tow. 

For $80 and a trip to Eagan I have dishes now that have been part of another loving home for over 50 years.

I hope to keep their magic alive.

I emailed Donna Rose the following Monday that we got the dishes and used them THAT VERY NIGHT and would be proudly using them every day - she responded.

Wonderful! Pam told me you were very pleased to get them. They come from a very happily married couple, married for over 50 years. My sister will be glad her dishes went to a good home.


p.s. I put my Ikea dishes away for the kids if they get an apartment in the next few years - Sair is a FRESHMAN at Winona next fall!  The original set when we got married was donated to Mary's Place.


the Lola Letters said...

Oh - I LOVE the design! Simple and artsy combined with 50 years of happy marriage and family kharma?

Double yay!

Nice find :)

Anonymous said...

I love those...Ive seen simular ones in an estate sale once, so pretty

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Those are beautiful :) The story makes them even better!! I love Craigslist.

MommyLisa said...

You know I have sold a few things on Craig's List, but never purchased. That was my first!


Oka said...

I have never purchased on Craig's List either, partially because I really have no need for anything. I have sold though. It wasn't as easy as I expected. Many no-shows.

Oka said...

I meant to say I love the design!

Faux Martha said...

so purdy!!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Jealous- I've been searching for "perfect" vintage china for ages now. I had a set I was collecting, but it got too hard so I sold it at a rummage sale. I would love to find a complete set like you did- you're lucky I wasn't trolling Craigslist for them!

Whiskeymarie said...
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