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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everyone sends out lovely holiday photocards

We put them up as they arrive each season in my beautiful red velvet French bulletin board.  We talk about who is in each photo and then choose a spot for their photo to hang through the holiday.

Then, as each year passes, Boo Boo La La takes all the photocards to her room and places them in a basket to look at over and over and over...
She has cousins that live far away and she only knows who they are by the photos and phone calls and short visits to us in Minnesota.

Sometimes she brings me a card and says, "Who is this again Mama?"

Sometimes she brings the stack and sits by me and says, "This is Alex, and Luke, and THIS ONE is NICK!"

The other day I was in the closet getting dressed for work and she brought me a card and said, "Hey Mama, this is Minnie and her cats..."

"Chaos and Catastrophe?"

"Yeah, 'tastophe.  And Amy and David, but where is baby Douglas?"

"Right THERE.  Right in Amy's tummy.  He wasn't born yet then."

"OH!  Can we get a baby out of YOUR tummy Mama?"

"Nope.  You were the only  baby in Mommy's tummy.  Sorry."

"I was in your TUMMY?  Was I scared in there?"

"Nope.  You liked it and you were happy and warm in there."

"Oh YEAH.  And I played with your water and sucked on my thumb.  It was DAAAARK in your tummy."

Whatever you say baby.  Whatever you say.


Raising Z and Lil C said...

That is so cute! I save all of my photo cards too. I pack them away w/ our decorations and we revisit them each year. It is so much fun.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously one of the sweetest stories ever;) love it.

Cathy said...

Too cute! What a little sweetie. Great idea to keep the cards in her room so she can look through them and remember everyone!

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