We have an artist on our hands!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today we ran errands to Costco, Rainbow and Byerly's - croissants were on order for Easter Dinner at mom's.  Boo Boo La La was being VERY good so she got:

Organic Chocolate Milk - which JDogg also enjoys.
Root Beer in little tiny Boo Boo size cans.
A "Tiger" brownie from one of Byerly's gabillion kinds of brownies.

And CHALK...which she kept asking to use...so we went to the park.  It now looks like the Easter Bunny hopped down these steps as each has a pretty pastel color patch drawn upon it.

The Hennipen County clean-up crew that was there said, "It looks like we have an artist on our hands."

we do.  we like it that way.


Anonymous said...


Happy Easter friend;)

Mnmom said...

LOVE that!
And I love Byerlys - and always spend too much there.

Unknown said...

Hey ... glad I stumbled over here- you have darling site and I am sooo following you now! Hope you can stop by my place soon- Oh, and I sure hope those croissants were delicious ;-)

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