Happy Mother's Day - Review!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I love love love love love love Etsy

& the store above is my new favorite!

Go there now and buy these:

I purchased dryer balls from two Etsy shops and these IMHO were the very best for size and construction.

$15 including shipping for three - get SIX.

Why Dryer Balls?? 

Number One: (and the reason I first got Totally Toddler Dryer Balls) To keep the chemicals OFF of your children's clothing from dryer sheets, then I found out Totally Toddler & other plastic dryer balls were made of PVC which then leached onto the clothing....UGH!  My search for an alternative led me to these wool dryer balls from a lovely Vermont farm!!!  (If you must have a scent there are sellers who sell scented & Buddah Bunz also sends instructions how to rescent her dryer balls, plus hers are really cute!)

Number TWO: and a result I did NOT expect.  Reduced drying time.  With six dryer balls in the dryer I reduce the time it takes to dry a load of T-bone's work jeans and shirts from 80-90 minutes to just 60!  That is a huge time and energy savings as I typically do TWO loads of his work clothing per week.

So there is a Happy Mother's Day to you!  Chemical free laundry tool & energy savings to boot! 


Liz Mays said...

They really work?? Awesome!

Shell said...

I've never tried those.

How often do you have to replace them?

MommyLisa said...

Oh I should have put that in the review...

The two sellers I asked have both been using the same set for three years and they still work.

They get "pilly" but it does not change their effectivness.

My Life in Purple said...

These look amazing! I love new products, especially 'green' stuff :)

Yup, green balls are much better than the blue kind.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Oooooh I wonder if they will reduce the drying time for cloth diapers!?!?! I am going to have to get some. Thanks for the tip adn Happy Mothers Day!

MommyLisa said...

They reduce the drying time on EVERYTHING - I just used the work clothing as an example because it is my load that takes the LONGEST to dry.

My light loads now take about 30 vs. 45-50 minutes.

Jennifer said...

I did not know these existed. Thanks for the tip!

Cathy said...

I use dryer balls too...love them. Mine are from Norwex, which is a company that sells "natural" products, but my dryer balls are made of a plasticy material. I should double check to make sure they aren't pvc!

Marla said...

I had never heard of these. What a great idea.

Sarah Butcher said...

I have been throwing my wool balls in the wash and dry of my cloth diaper routine for a couple of days and it REALLY helps get the front loader to agitate better and get stuff cleaner :)and now I just need to get some more.... there are lots of great sellers of wool dryer balls on etsy~ get multi packs for the best deals!

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