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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do you ever wonder just HOW your child knows about something?  You never told them about Hannah Montana, but you walk through Target one morning when she is almost three and she sees a shirt and says, "Hanna Tanna!"

What the...?

Okay fast forward and we get a birthday invitation - at the top is a photo and Boo Boo exclaims:


we have never been, I have never talked about it, I don't even LIKE it.  how in the world?

But we went...and she was more interested in the climbing thing than the games or prizes.  Which is good because really?  Those games make no sense to little kids.  Drop in a coin and hit something so you get tickets? 

Really Chuck E.?  Really?  You can't make more actual GAMES?

But, Boo Boo says she loves is your proof.

Jordan's sister helped her take this because she said she loves you...

Mommy MIGHT be forced into decide to have Boo Boo's party there...

Anyrandompartynews.  Tonight is the NIGHT!!  If you are in MN and are free tonight you should join us! 

Who: Minnesota Bloggers
When: Saturday June 5th, 6pm
Where: MOA Napa Valley Grille
Why: Why not! We read each others blogs, so it would be fun to meet in person, no?!

Here are the ladies of hotness who are IN!

Cathy @ Antsy Pants
Mommy Lisa @ Mommy's Nest (but sorry - I am leaving Boo Boo home with T-bone.)
Lesli @ Pretty Random Thoughts
WhiskeyMarie Von PartyPants @WhiskeyMarie
Tarah @Eyeglasses & Endzones
MNMom @Happy To Be From Iowa
We will update the posts as new people RSVP - so comment today!


Lesli said...

I will be there tonight. I hope I recognize everybody! If you see somebody looking lost-that is me! I will try to get there a little before 6:00. Do we have reservations?

Shell said...

Chuck E. Cheese=evil

Have fun tonight!

Mnmom said...

Chuck E. Cheese is VILE!

See you all tonight!!!

sprinkles said...

Looks like she's having fun! I always wanted a party like that when I was growing up but mostly birthday's were pretty much treated like any other day except with cake! We got gifts too when I was little and sometimes when I was a teenager, although not always.

Lesli said...

Thanks to you and Cathy for organizing our dinner tonight. I loved meeting everyone!! I hope I remembered to give you a hug at the end--if not, sending you one now!!

MommyLisa said...

Thanks for the comments all! Yeah, I don't like Chuck E. much...but I can see the appeal of having your party there.

No need to clean your house OR clean up after.

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