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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey Peeps!  It is a bonus Sunday Drive today from:

For the Love of Wendy’s Eyegirl @ Life As Eye See It, Guest Posting for Mommy Lisa

I am a very independent individual, who spends most of my time looking at where I’m headed instead of where I’ve been. When I graduated from high school, I couldn’t wait to start college. So, unlike all of my classmates, I opted to start classes summer semester immediately after graduation. I am also a very driven individual, and when I set my sights on a goal nothing gets in my way until that goal is reached. I was determined to finish undergrad in 4 years. So instead of taking 12, or maybe 15 credits, a semester, I usually took 18+.
Starting a semester early and taking the extra credits meant that I was allowed to have a car on campus much earlier than all of my friends. That sounds like a good thing, right? In general, it was great having transportation. However, having a set of wheels, also meant that I could just hop in my car and drive across town in a matter of minutes. I happen to have the hugest sweet tooth of anyone I know. So, one Sunday afternoon I got the bright idea to drive across town to Wendy’s and get myself a frosty. I’d been fighting off the craving for days, and it just wouldn’t go away so I finally decided to give in to it. So, I grab my keys and head down to the parking lot. I hop in my cars and drive the few miles to Wendy’s. I drive through the drive-thru, order my frosty, and head on back to campus. I pull into the parking lot, park my car, and grab my frosty. As I get out of the car, I begin eating my frosty. I’m savoring the chocolately goodness that is a Wendy’s frosty, fully absorbed in the moment. I don’t want to break from spooning the frosty into my mouth, so I hip check the door closed. Just as my hip makes contact with the door, and I push it closed, I realize that my keys are not in my hand. I reach out for the door to no avail. It latches shut. Locked tight. With my keys dangling out of the ignition. Well, *#&$! Unfortunately, all of my keys were on the same key ring. So even though I did have an extra set of car keys in my dorm room. The key to my room was now locked securely in my car. I had to track down a member of the dorm staff to unlock my dorm room, so I could get my spare car keys to unlock my car door. But you can bet that I sat down on the curb and finished my Wendy’s frosty first!

Priorities, people, priorities!

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sprinkles said...

I have an ENORMOUS sweet tooth, sadly! I wish I didn't because I'm always craving some kind of junk food. If it's not good for me, then I want it! Right this instant, I want it!!!!!

I'd wait to finish my frosty too!

Dang girl, my summer after graduation was spent doing pretty much nothing but hanging with friends and shizz because I knew it would the last summer I could just lounge around and do nothing.

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