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Saturday, June 19, 2010

In case you missed it Boo Boo La La and I have been blogging at
for the last four weeks.  And to say that I missed my very own corner of bloggy-land is an UNDER-statement Peeps!  I love you guys.

Anyway, we are back and we are DONE.  But go check out the posts I did over there and register for a trip, and give me some comment love!!!  :) 


Now for a Tale of Boo Boo La La

Thursday night after we gave back Belle, our 2010 Chevy Traverse, we drove in our old Ford Taurus out to my in-laws.  My SIL is in town from Houston and we don't get to see her NEARLY enough.

Boo Boo La La was excited to play with Grandpa, Grandma, Jods and Jess for sure!  (three rounds of CANDY LAND) You see Grandpa and Grandma have a TOY ROOM in their house for the grandkids.  Grandpa has a bunch of old and new toys in there...and Boo Boo LOVES in particular the mini Dalmations that are replicas from 101 Dalmations.

She and Grandpa DUG them out of the bottom of the toy box and she was playing with them while we got dinner ready and generally chit-chatted.

When dinner was ready I called her to the table and told her if she came "right now you could bring a puppy to the table with you."

She RAN to the table and took her seat with the puppy and was making barking sounds...then she said, "Mama do you know what?  I speak dog language.  Ruff, ruff, ruff..."

Aunt Jody heard that and laughed and laughed...just the begining of a great night with family - after a great day with my Dad & Boo Boo La La.

Here is hoping you get a weekend full of laughter too.

oh, psst.  my birthday is MONDAY.  Come back for the party!!!

Pro's & Con's of the 2010 Chevy Traverse Experience:
I couldn't speed and "wave" at other drivers who cut me off.
(not that I do that IRL, but I couldn't for sure then!!! )
Gas mileage!  16 MPG is what I averaged in the 4 weeks?

But, on the plus side - what a SMOOTH & POWERFUL ride.  Love XM Radio, LOVE Sun Roof! (is it stupid to get one in a 2002 Ford Taurus?) The DVD player was totally awesome - Boo Boo could reach the controls all by herself!!!  OMG was it a pretty car and so COMFORTABLE with the cooling/heating in the seats and adjustable lumbar support!!!!  I love blue, but she was downright gorgeous!  I (again) will SOOO miss the XM Satellite Radio - the 80's on 8 is superterrificfuntimes because it has all the old MTV VJ's (yes, even Martha Quinn) for you to listen too.  (now do I feel old?  YIKES!)  It has MASSIVE room to haul anything and I will TOTALLY miss the OnStar Red Carpet treatment. 
That was awesome.
If you live in MN or WI don't forget there is still time for you to get a $30 SPA FINDER'S gift card if you go test drive a Chevy Traverse at your local Chevy Heartland Dealer!!!  Thanks!

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